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We’re delighted to report our lost cat “Minou” has been found! 

We found him on Halloween – 13 days after he went missing. 

He wasn’t in great shape – he’d lost about 25% of his body weight and was very dehydrated – but he will recover.  He is home and safe. 

How he survived 13 days and nights dodging canyon coyotes is anyone’s guess – we just thank our (and his) lucky stars! 

We also want to THANK ALL OUR NEIGHBORS – for the incredible outpouring of sympathy and support.  We received many, many phone calls with news of possible sightings, suggestions of places to look, and offers of help in our search.  Your kindness kept us going. 

If we have learned anything during our adventure, it is this:

Hollywoodland is a wonderful community and we’re lucky to live here! 


Robert & Florence-Isabelle Megginson
(and Minou!)

P.S.  Inspired by our adventure – and along with Fran Reichenbach at the Beachwood Voice – we’re investigating the possibility of establishing a free photographic data base of all pets in Beachwood Canyon – there is such a system in Topanga Canyon which seems to be working well. 

And again, thank you!
(see below for original missing cat message)

Minou is Missing!

$1,000 REWARD


Very Dark Brown (Looks Black)

Yellow Collar with ID Tag

Escaped Thursday Morning 10/19/06

Rockcliff Drive (Workman left gate open)


Abandoned-Lonely - Needs a GOOD Home!

This lovely creature–about one-year-old–is a Shepherd-mix; she’s healthy (has been seen by a vet) and is actually very friendly. She’s a good dog. As much as love, this beautiful animal needs reassurance she won’t be abandoned again. She needs a safe place. She needs someone willing to offer her… a home.

Contact: Susan Clark at 310-455-7268.

Sadie is Missing

Sadie is Lost! $500.00 reward

She belongs on Graciosa but was last seen on Ledgewood on Sunday, June 5, 2005. She’s 3-years-old, brown/black/gray tabby mix, medium long hair and yellow eyes. Super friendly! 

If you see her, call me, Judy Miller, at 323-662-3865 days and 323-469-1773 eves.

Beautiful Ellie Needs A Home

Ellie Ellie Ellie

It is with great sadness that we find ourselves looking for a new home for our younger dog, Ellie.  Ellie is about 1 year old, weighs roughly 35-40 pounds and is a female orangish-brown Staffordshire Terrier/Basenji/"Foxdog" mix we adopted after finding her wandering our street in great shape but with no ID about 6 months ago.  We got her a full medical exam, up-to-date on all her vaccinations, and we had her microchipped.  She has been given a fully clean bill of health by both L.A. Animal Services and our personal veterinarian, Dr. Kenneth Jones.  She has lived in our house for the past 6 months and is house-trained.  She has a lot of puppy energy but is very well-mannered.  Ellie is by far the most loving dog I've ever encountered - she enjoys getting and giving endless affection.  It breaks my heart to have to find her a new home.  We adopted her on a whim because she immediately won us over, but after 6 months of trying to acclimate her to our older dog Jedi, we have realized that they may never fully get along.    Ellie is a bundle of energy who loves to lick Jedi on the face all day and follow him around like his little pal, but he is a bit more set in his ways and formerly had the run of the house, so there have been a few fights; we both love Ellie dearly, but we have had Jedi much longer and we think finding Ellie a new and loving home is the best option for all involved.

You may contact us at the numbers below if you would like to meet Ellie and give her a chance to melt your heart.  Ellie is a very special dog.

Pam & Chris
323-363-6224 cell
323-939-4499 home

This flyer was posted on Beachwood Drive -- Please, if you know this dog or have any information as to its history, call the numbers listed on the flyer, or email



Matty and her person, Laura, thank all who helped look for this "Sweetest Dog on Hollymont"!  As it turns out, Matty's best pal and dog mate found her -- somehow she'd gotten stuck in a storage place on the property but never barked or cried... her dog mate searched for and discovered her but it took awhile to get the attention and understanding of their human friends to let them know where Matty was... finally they got it and now Matty is enjoying herself closer to home.  Sweet ending to this shaggy dog tale.