GEORGE ABRAHAMS - - 323 463-9209
George Abrahams is one of the founders of BCNA, has served as board president and this year will be vice-president. He is involved in every aspect of the neighborhood both local and regional. His activities have been focused mainly on issues that involve our hillside environment (planning and land use issues), beautifying the canyon and planting trees, community policing, and water quality issues. George is Beachwood Canyon's official representative on the Area 2 101 Freeway Citizen's Advisory Committee and heads up a canyon-wide program of graffiti poster/sticker advertising removal.

ED HAYEK - 323 462-5122 (fax: 323 962-5600)
"Captain Ed" has been a local resident since 1978. He has served on the BCNA board diligently for many years, attending hearings and providing his balance and wisdom. Ed is interested in safety, stability and overall improvement in the quality of life in the Hollywood Hills.

MISSY KELLY - - 323 469-4755 
Missy Kelly is an activist who has focused her energy on protecting her neighbors from the encroachment of unbridled business expansion. She continues to wage a nonstop campaign to address parking, crime and other quality-of-life issues within her neighborhood. Her zeal for the neighborhood is obvious and she volunteers this energy to the BCNA.  Missy was elected president of the association this year.

LARRY MARKES - - 323 465-6519
Larry and his wife Julie have lived in the same house in Beachwood Canyon for more than 20 years, and he is almost as well known around the Cafe as their dog Cecil, the world's friendliest canine torpedo.  Larry works for the fifth-largest law firm in California, primarily representing nonprofit organizations -- mostly churches and other religious entities, but some public benefit charities too.   Larry characterizes himself as a liberal, an environmentalist, a free-speech advocate, and a good neighbor.   In addition, if there are political meetings we should attend at City Hall West (221 North Figueroa Street), Larry can get us all free parking.

MARY ANNE NELSON - 323 462-5500
Mary Anne has been a canyon resident for over 30 years. Her professional background includes being a classroom teacher and a demonstrator of teaching techniques for LAUSD.  She was also a supervising literacy trainer and made presentations at national conferences for both ProLiteracy America and California Literacy, Inc. (Cal Lit). She has served on the board of Cal Lit and currently serves on the board of Los Angeles Reading Projects. Many Anne is also a library tutor and BCNA volunteer.

FRANCESCA REDWINE - - 323 465-3429
Francesca has lived in Beachwood Canyon for many years. Her interests are preserving our unique Canyon environment and helping promote a community spirit.  She loves the beauty and history of the Canyon and is the volunteer web designer for this BCNA website.  Her background includes 30 years in the movie/tv industry, the last 20 at Universal Studios where she began as a casting assistant and later became a script coordinator/editor.  She retired from Universal last year but continues to work freelance when the project is right.

FRAN REICHENBACH - - 323 856-0260 (fax: 323 462-7477) NEWS ARTICLE
Fran Reichenbach is a founder of the BCNA and in addition to being secretary since its inception in 1998, she served as president for several years.  This year Fran agreed to be the association treasurer.  She devotes much of her time to making certain that Beachwood Canyon is represented on matters that impact its future. She is the publisher of The Beachwood Voice newpaper and one of the founders of the Hollywood Neighborhood Council. Community policing and water quality issues are high on her list of priorities but she finds herself involved in issues from street paving and traffic to planning and land use issues. 

TINA ROMAN - - 323 462-8539
Tina Roman has lived in the Beachwood Canyon area off and on since 1963. She is very concerned about all aspects of the community, including protection of the environment, community services and safety. She actively responds to the community's needs. Her experience in education and the court system is beneficial to the BCNA board, and this year Tina will serve as its secretary.

NINA VAN TASSELL - 323-464-7117  (fax: 323 464-7117)
Nina Van Tassell has been a board member since the BCNA was founded in 1998. She has maintained an unstoppable pace as a community volunteer, assisting people and animals in need and taking proactive approaches toward everything from large item pick-up and neighborhood beautification to community policing and water quality issues.