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SPRING 2004 Meeting Report

Michelle Fleenor, Field Deputy from Councilman LaBonge’s office helped facilitate the discussion until Councilman LaBonge could be there. He had many meetings to attend in the same evening. 

Sergeant Roy Ballesteros from West Traffic came to hear our traffic concerns.

Beachwood traffic between Ledgewood & Linforth - Doug Bulcao

Doug explained the situation on Beachwood above Ledgewood: He has seen several near accidents and the problem is getting worse. He wants to slow the traffic down.  He acknowledged West Traffic in their efforts to cite/ticket speeding motorists below the village. But he hasn’t seen this attention above the village.  

With no sidewalk, a winding road and people backing out of their driveways along with the pedestrian traffic, it’s  only a matter of time before there is a fatality.  

Roy explained that Officer Siel is the West Traffic officer for our area. He can be reached at the Community Traffic Safety Unit (213) 473-0215. (Sergeant Harper is Siel’s supervisor)

People who live in the general area are primary offenders and they are going back and forth to the Sunset Ranch and parking facilities for Griffith Park. The problem is not so much tourists because they are going slowly looking for the Hollywood Sign. Some of our neighbors contribute to the problem and we can relate to them and ask for their help too.  

Roy said that Officer Acosta will come out and look at the area for a place to put the trailer. Nancy Girten asked that there be a cover over the trailer so that people don’t alter their normal driving and hence create a report that is false.  

Community Traffic Safety Unit, 213-473-0215 is created for enforcement. Beachwood Drive is not a street with a history of high accidents. Doug asked why wait till a child is hit and there is a lawsuit?  

George asked for enforcement up on Beachwood at least once a year. Roy said he will convey our concerns to Officer Siel. We should get some enforcement in a week or week and a half. 

Uri mentioned speed humps. 

Michelle said we need to send a formal request and then gather petitions. She acknowledged receiving this request for Gower but not for Beachwood. In our request, we need to ask for a speed study for possible speed limit reduction as well as speed humps and stop sign studies.  

Doug asked what other options we have beyond or instead of speed humps. He suggested that there be another stop sign at Belden. This request will be incorporated in the formal request to the city. 

Nancy asked for radar guns to monitor the speed of traffic. An engineering survey needs to be done to come up with an 85% of speeders to justify the use of radar guns.    

Roy suggested placing a decoy car strategically in the area. For a brief time this makes people slow down.   

Gower traffic between Scenic and Carmen Place - Jack Fitzgerald 

Jack shared some history of the situation on Gower with parked cars being hit. Cars coming up are sometimes the worst offenders. Getting out of the driveway on Gower at any time of the day is very difficult due to the parked cars blocking the line of sight. The simple act of placing trash barrels out can be a frightening situation. There is also a generally rude attitude coming from the speeders on Gower honking and tailgating when Jack tries to get into and out of his driveway. Also, the stop sign at Scenic and Gower is routinely ignored.  

Michelle suggested that a request for restricted turn signs be sent to the city. A study would be launched to see how the area in general would be impacted by such a change.

Michelle says that there is a process that has to happen: DOT needs to do the study for the stop sign before the study for the speed bumps.  The stop sign study has been ordered many months ago.  Michelle says the staff at DOT is getting caught up slowly but surely.

Jack mentioned the lack of line of sight at Primrose as it comes down from Vista Del Mar to Gower.  Michelle said to include a "Safe Sign Distance Study" for Primrose at Gower in our request.

Tom LaBonge came late in the meeting.  Doug acknowledged Tom for his quick response to our request for meetings regarding our traffic and safety situation.  Tom expressed that it is easier to get things done in the daytime.   Doug will coordinate a meeting with the DOT rep and a couple interested neighbors at Tom's field office (6501 Fountain Avenue). 

Tom also asked for our support in his efforts to preserve the ridgeline near the Hollywood Sign that is at risk for development. 

Doug reminded him that someone is going to get killed on Beachwood between Ledgewood and Linforth as well as on the “speedway” at Gower between Carmen and Scenic.  

Tom said that he is a proponent of stop signs and mentioned that they work well for Larchmont. Doug asked for a commitment from our councilman to help resolve these issues. Tom says he is committed to helping us resolve this issue.

Parking tickets issued to cars parked on Hollyridge - Wanda Clark

Recently cars on Hollyridge have been ticketed for parking on the street where they have parked for years. There were three black and white’s giving tickets. Wanda called Captain Biggs (LAFD) who came out and measured. The street was wide enough after all.   

Michelle is working on this issue. They hadn’t provided the city with any areas that were targeted and so there was no outreach or research done. She has now requested this information. Michelle will help resolve Wanda’s ticket since she believes that it was given to her in error. Wanda will do outreach to her neighborhood and ask anyone ticketed to get them to call Michelle regarding getting their tickets reversed. 

LaBonge will talk to the Batallion chief asking for more communication on the areas that will be ticketed. He said that the LAFD and the DOT are working together to find areas that are not safe for emergency vehicles. They are doing the neighborhood surveys now.

Parking Issue - Sevilla Granger

Sevilla mentioned the over abundance of red curbs in Beachwood Canyon. She asked that there be a creative multifaceted approach to parking remedies in the canyon.  

Tom asked that we get to know the planning person for our area to keep on top of developments. is a good place to meet with these folks. 

She mentioned an area between safety and quality of life. Tom commended her on her passion and asked for her to coordinate a meeting with Michelle, himself and Bob Camou of the DOT to happen at the Hollywood Field office during the daytime.  

Sevilla asked about purchase of land for parking garages like they do in West Hollywood. Tom said that issues like this need to be brought out at the Budget Committee meeting at L.A. City College (Wednesday Feb. 25, 2004) 

March 7th Tom is traveling to Washington regarding concerns for our region (League of Cities). Any meeting that he would want to participate in would have to happen late in March or early April. Sevilla will coordinate with Michelle to have a preliminary meeting soon.

This report respectfully prepared by Fran Reichenbach, BCNA Board MemberCanyonVox@aol.com