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A half-hour's walk, preferably in the cool of the early morning, provides a complete tour of Hollywoodland's historic stone staircases, with only one duplication.

From the Beachwood Market, walk west a short block on Belden and turn right on Woodshire. Just before 2795 Woodshire, turn left up the first stairway: 124 steps, emerging between 2872 and 2882 Belden..

Turn right on Belden, and walk almost to the intersection of Rodgerton, to just past 2917 Belden, turning left up 117 steps. This stairway has several landings, unlike the long unbroken flights which lie ahead on the tour. The landings, however, are only at the bottom, and the top is a fairly stiff climb. This is also the duplication, so turn about face at the top and walk back down to Belden.

Turn left, and turn right down 138 steps between 2950 and 2960 Belden. The center divider of this lovely staircase once consisted of planters, but they have now been cemented over. At the bottom, you are at the intersection of Beachwood and Woodshire..

Cross Beachwood and turn right for just a few steps. Between 2800 and 2810 Beachwood, turn left up 144 steps on a fine stone staircase leading to 2835 Westshire.

Turn left, walk down Westshire to Beachwood, and turn right. (If you want to walk down an extra 144, of course, and don't mind another duplication, you could simply walk back down the staircase to Beachwood and then turn right.)

Walk up Beachwood to the next staircase, the longest, between 3020 and 3030 Beachwood. These 176 steps emerge just opposite 3062 Hollyridge.

Turn right on Hollyridge for the longest level walk of the tour. At the intersection of Pelham Place (just beyond 2831 Hollyridge), turn right down 149 steps, emerging between 2744 and 2748 Westshire. Turn left. You are half a block away from the market.

Your score: 561 steps up, 404 down. A few more times and you'll be in shape for ski season!

No doubt you noticed the sorry state of repair and maintenance of these stairways. They are almost all overgrown and unswept, and many of the steps are breaking up. About two or three years ago, the City sent out a repair crew, which added a veneer of about a quarter-inch of concrete to many of the steps. As might be expected, the veneer was worse than nothing, and its crumblings only add to the appearance of disrepair.

The Hollywoodland Homeowners Association has succeeded in having these stairways designated as a historical landmark.

Good walking!

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Thanks to Hollywoodland.org for this information and map